I’ve been to attending shmoocon since it opened back in 2005. I’ve not been to any other con- all my con experience is based purely on what Bruce brings to the table.
A few observations:
* Syn Phishus is lame and should have been fired for acting like a 16 year old
* Deviant’s Gringo Challenge sounded great but I never had time to check it out. I hope it returns next year.
* Charlie Miller and Dino Dai Zovi’s “Virtual Worlds - Real Exploits” was clever, unique, and all around great talk
* Jay Beale’s talk was a disappointment, I left midway through for lunch. (Since when was it okay to plug your company while at the same time presenting on watered down trends that everyone has known for the last two years?)
* Only one talk on Vista security? We’re stuck with Vista for the next few years, I expected more than one talk on the subject.
I am again happy that I attended this year. The reality check on mindsets and pushing my head out of my corporate security zone is refreshing and a good thing.