I don’t understand why modern terminals (with exception of putty) do not allow for logging.
I successfully use my e-mail history and IM logs to great extent when doing post mortems or other general reports. I should have that same functionality at my command prompt. And something a little more useful than “cat ~/.history”. Script is handy for this (though an unfortunately hard name to google for). But I want to not have to worry about those pesky filenames so I did up a quick startlog script.

#!/usr/local/bin/bash LOGDIR=”/home/ben/logs/” #where we store teh logs ITERATION=0 #start off at 0 STARTED=0 DATE=`date “+%F”` if [ -n “$1” ] #this is what the filename will be prefixed with then PREFIX=$1 else PREFIX=”log” fi #echo -n “$PREFIX” while [ “$STARTED” -eq “0” ] do ITERATION=$((ITERATION+1))


then export LOGFILE=”$LOGDIR$PREFIX-$DATE-$ITERATION.log” script $LOGFILE echo -n “Logging to $LOGFILESTARTED=1



I set my PS1 prompt to also show the current time to allow me to have everything timestamped. And, handily enough, I export the log filename to the shell which leads to a new alias in .bashrc:
alias sendlog=”cat $LOGFILE | mail -s ‘$LOGFILE Transcript’”

I haven’t actually used this yet but the novelty of it is handy. On a downside, cygwin does not have script which is a real bummer.
I still think this functionality should be built into rxvt, gnome-terminal, konsole,, etc. Don’t even get me started on cmd.exe “featureset”.